Auto Accident Injury FAQs

Auto Accident Injury and Its Treatment

Auto accident injuries are very common and can vary in terms of severity and type, which depends on many circumstances. According to the statistics, about 2.7 million people are injured in car accidents every year. Here are the few most common questions about auto accident injuries our chiropractors from Discover Integrated Health have been asked by their patients in Kennesaw and Marietta, GA.

What are the most common car accident injuries?

  • Whiplash: It is a soft tissue injury to the neck.
  • Brain and head injuries: Head and brain injuries are quite common and can be dangerous.
  • Back injuries: The most common back injuries from car accidents are strains, disc injuries, fractures, and spinal injuries.
  • Internal injuries: Car accidents also often result in injuries to the kidneys, bowels, liver, lungs, heart, and other organs.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Mental and emotional trauma are much more common than you think. The signs you are experiencing post-traumatic disorder after an accident include feelings of depression, paranoia, social anxiety, flashbacks, and some others.

What are the most common symptoms after a car accident injury?

The most common symptoms include headaches, bruising, numbness, swelling, ringing in your ears, tingling, shoulder, neck or back pain, changes in mood, abdominal pain and upset stomach, and others.

When should I see a doctor after a car accident?

It is critical to see a doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort. Only a doctor will be able to determine whether you sustained any serious injuries in the car accident. It is also vital to see a healthcare professional even if you are not experiencing symptoms. Sometimes, for some people, symptoms won’t appear until hours or days later.

Is chiropractic treatment helpful in treating car accident injuries?

If you wonder, “will a chiropractor near me be able to help with my auto accident injury,” then the answer is yes. Even if the car accident was minor, it is still important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. In most cases, a chiropractor will use spinal adjustments or recommend other techniques to alleviate the pain and speed up the rehabilitation process. Chiropractors can also give nutritional counseling and prescribe special exercises to improve the range of motion and aid in the healing process.

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