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Here at Discover Integrated Health, our chiropractor provides natural neck pain relief for residents of Kennesaw and the surrounding communities. If you experience tension and stiffness in your neck, let us unwind the tightness, restore your spinal alignment, and manage pain without the use of medication. Discover more in a free new patient consultation.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain leaves you feeling sore, stiff, and tight. Most patients are unable to move their neck without experiencing some amount of discomfort. This can be a low-grade chronic pain or throbbing tension that makes it difficult to concentrate.

Neck pain causes include:

Auto Accident

Whiplash after an auto accident is one of the most common causes of neck pain we see here in Kennesaw. Whiplash is a severe type of neck strain that develops when the head is whipped back and forth — usually in an auto accident, but in sports accidents and personal injuries as well. Chiropractic is a gentle, drug-free method for controlling whiplash pain.

Text Neck

Spending significant amounts of time looking down at your phone texting strains the neck. Over time, your neck shifts forward. This misalignment causes chronic pain until you fix the underlying forward positioning.

Personal Injuries

Whether you slipped and fell, banged your head while at home, or suffered another injury, neck pain is a common personal injury side effect. Let our chiropractor perform tests to see where the pain stems from and make targeted adjustments to curb pain and inflammation.

Poor Ergonomics

Poor posture and bad workplace ergonomics take a major toll on your neck. If you’re constantly straining your neck or looking down as you work, your neck will be pulled forward, out of proper alignment. This means chronic neck pain until you treat the cause. If we find poor ergonomics plays a role in your neck pain, we will offer helpful tips to reconfigure your workstation and avoid pain.

If you experience any of these painful symptoms, it’s time to seek chiropractic treatment.

How Chiropractic Relieves Neck Pain

Our chiropractor takes a personal exam first, to determine what causes your neck pain and where your spine is misaligned. To treat spinal misalignment, we make hands-on adjustments to the cervical spine. As we bring your spine back to proper alignment, tension and pain decrease. Massage therapy loosens chronically tight muscles, providing additional mobility and pain relief for Kennesaw residents.

When your spine is aligned naturally, your nervous system is able to self-regulate pain and heal injuries. Chiropractic is the only medical care to balance the nervous system. Alongside in-office appointments to restore neck alignment, we’ll offer lifestyle tips, stretches, and holistic advice to help you maintain a pain-free life.

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