Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc Care with our Chiropractor in Kennesaw GA

Discover Integrated Health invites you for a consultation with our chiropractors to determine if you are dealing with a bulging disc. At times, bulging discs do not have any symptoms, but you may feel pain in your back or in another area, depending on where the bulging disc is located. Schedule an appointment with us to treat your bulging disc and get the care you need.

Signs and Symptoms of Bulging Disc

If the bulging disc is in your lower back, you may feel pain in your legs and feet. If it is in your upper back, your arms may be affected. In addition to pain, a bulging disc can cause muscle weakness or spasms, or tingling sensations in your extremities. The reason for this is that the disc, located between the vertebrae, has pushed out of its protective covering and this bulge may be interfering with the nerve signals.

This can create painful sensations or an interruption in the signal flow, which leads to weaknesses and imbalances. A bulging disc has maintained its nucleus in the center of the disc, so it may not be as severe as a herniated disc, but it heals faster with chiropractic treatments. Our Kennesaw Ga chiropractor, either Dr. Gruber or Dr. Ferrari, evaluate your spine to search for bulging discs. If one is located, our chiropractor in Kennesaw puts together a natural healing care plan for quick recovery without lasting effects.

Chiropractic Care Plans for Bulging Discs in Kennesaw GA

Our chiropractors use a combination of treatments to repair your bulging disc and these treatments are natural, non-invasive and medication free. One of the techniques we use are spinal manipulations. A spinal adjustment is a gentle positioning of the vertebrae which our chiropractor performs in the office. These adjustments reduce pressure on the discs so they are able to return to their healthy position between the bones. Adjustments also provide a stronger posture with greater pain-free mobility.

Once your spine is in a healthy alignment, our chiropractors teach you how to move to help your disc repair. This may include improved ways to sleep, lift heavy objects or arrange your work area to reduce the pressure on your spine and discs. Our chiropractors may also suggest a change in your diet to support your body’s repair efforts and to create a healthy flow of nutrients to the discs. As your bulging disc heals, our chiropractic team may show you exercises to restore your mobility, improve your core strength and keep a healthy circulation flow throughout your body.

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A bulging disc does not have to interfere with your life. Our chiropractor in Kennesaw GA has effective treatments that begin to work quickly. Schedule your appointment by calling us today at (770) 423-9010.

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