Workplace Injury

A workplace injury can leave you stuck at home, relying on workers comp to pay you a percentage of your salary. When you are trying to heal from your injuries, a comprehensive approach usually works best. At Discover Integrated Health, serving Kennesaw, GA, and Marietta, GA, we look at the overall function of your body to determine what is causing you pain, stiffness, or problems with your range of motion. Learn more about chiropractic care for your workplace injury and get started with the care you may need to heal from your injuries.

Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Chiropractic care offers you the ability to find pain relief, by uncovering the root cause of your pain. When you are looking for natural pain relief, a chiropractor on our team will assess your condition to figure out what is going on. You can see a chiropractor on our team for pain relief, even when you are seeing other treatment providers for the same condition.

The pain and poor range of motion that can accompany a workplace injury does not have to overwhelm your life. You can find pain relief once a chiropractor on our team determines what the cause of your pain is and begins the treatment process to address problem areas.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Treatment for an Injury

From gentle chiropractic adjustments to lifestyle advice and corrective exercises, you may receive several treatments to address inflammation, poor spinal alignment, and muscle strain. Treatment should be consistent, and this means you may want to schedule with a chiropractor on our team two or three times a week to get the most benefit out of your chiropractic sessions.

As your body heals, you will begin to see that adjustments last for longer periods of time. For most people, sessions taper down to once a week for a month or two, once the acute phase of treatment is over. Your body gets the support it needs to heal when you get chiropractic care. With good spinal alignment, your pain, stiffness, and inflammation will reduce over time.

Manage Your Workplace Injury with Us

If a workplace injury has left you in pain, it’s time to see how a chiropractor on our team can help. Call us for Discover Integrated Health at (770) 423-9010, serving Kennesaw, GA, and Marietta, GA, and set up your initial consultation. We will talk to you about the injuries you have sustained and come up with a treatment plan that works with your workers comp plan.

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