Trigger Point Injections in Kennesaw, GA

What are Trigger Point Injections for?

Trigger point injections, or TPI, offer a direct approach for relief from muscular pain and chronic conditions that disrupt your quality of life. This therapeutic procedure involves a TPI chiropractor introducing a needle into the myofascial trigger points in muscles that cause arm pain, leg pain, neck pain or shoulder pain.

Upon injection the healing process begins as blood circulation increases to areas starved of proper blood flow due to muscle tension. By fostering this increased circulation area-specific analgesia is achieved effectively acting like a local muscle relaxer.

Trigger point injection treatment is used to provide pain relief and improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions. It’s an integral part of chiropractic care we provide at Discover Integrated Health — designed with the utmost benefit for patients in mind.

About our Procedures

We prioritize patient comfort in each step of our procedures. Before we perform any trigger point injections (TPI), an initial consultation takes place to accurately diagnose the cause and location of your pain. Our experts employ a thorough physical examination and review your medical history ensuring a precise treatment plan that caters to your specific needs.

The actual process involves injecting SARAPIN, an FDA-approved analgesic compound, directly into the trigger points or knots that cause pain throughout your body. This injection aids in alleviating chronic muscle pain by relaxing tightened muscles and enhancing blood circulation.

Ensuring safety is paramount during these procedures. Sterile techniques are employed consistently to avoid infection while handling needles for TPIs. On top of this, post-procedure care instructions are provided detailing how you can manage any mild discomfort following the procedure at home and maintain optimal health conditions to prevent recurrence of muscular pains.

What to Expect

During your visit for trigger point injections, we’ll initially assess chronic pain conditions impacting your quality of life. You may have questions about the procedure; we encourage you to voice these concerns so that our team can put your mind at ease.

Next, our skilled medical providers will identify and mark areas of muscle pain on your body, particularly in regions causing neck pain, leg pain or shoulder pain.

We take every possible step to minimize any discomfort during this process. Some patients report feeling a sense of relief immediately following the injection as their blood circulation improves around tensed muscles.

Our chiropractors and professionals warmly welcome any questions a patient may have. We take the time to ensure that each patient is well-informed about our procedures so they have both a healthy body and a peaceful mind.