Personal Injury FAQs

Recovering from an auto accident, slip and fall or work accident can be difficult, especially if the pain lingers on and on. If a personal injury is causing you undue pain and discomfort long after you’ve been treated for your injury, contact Discover Integrated Health for an examination.

You may be suffering the long-term effects of a musculoskeletal injury. These FAQs from our chiropractors, serving Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, residents, explain how chiropractic care can help with personal injuries.

Why should I eee a chiropractor near me if I’ve already seen my physician?

After a car or work accident, it’s important to see a doctor for immediate medical care. Your doctor will treat broken bones, lacerations, and internal injuries to help you heal. Musculoskeletal injuries, however, may not be so obvious, leaving you to deal with the pain on your own. Our Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, chiropractors can diagnose these injuries to avoid long-term pain and suffering.

What types of injuries do chiropractors treat?

At Discover Integrated Health, we treat all manner of personal injuries to include slip and falls, sports, and auto and work-related injuries. If you suffer from whiplash, migraines, herniated disc, dislocated shoulder, sprains or strains, or another musculoskeletal injury, you could be a candidate for chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatments can help alleviate your pain and expedite your healing.

How does chiropractic care work to alleviate pain and suffering caused by a personal injury?

Chiropractic care is designed to treat musculoskeletal injuries so you can move about pain-free. If your accident caused misalignments in your spine, you could be feeling the pain of compressed nerves. Spinal manipulation can relieve pain by restoring balance to your system. Chiropractic adjustments combined with corrective exercises and hot and cold therapy can relieve pain, restore mobility, and help expedite your healing.

What can I expect from my first session when visiting a chiropractor near me?

At Discover Integrated Health, we’ll start by reviewing your medical history to get an idea of your state of health. We’ll then give you a thorough physical to determine the source and extent of your injury to see if you can benefit from chiropractic treatment. If so, we’ll tailor a treatment plan to meet your healthcare needs.

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To schedule an appointment at Discover Integrated Health for personal injury treatment, contact us at (770) 423-9010.

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