Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Treatment Beyond the Hospital

Personal injury isn’t a category limited to the legal profession. Doctors and physical therapists can also spend much of their careers helping people heal from this type of harm. Sometimes entire clinics, such as Discover Integrated Health, make personal injury treatment a focus of their businesses.

What is Meant by Personal Injury?

Simply put, a personal injury is one that results from some kind of physical trauma instead of a disease process. Falls, auto accidents, and walking into poles are all possible sources of personal injuries.

Treatment Options

Treatments for personal injuries are as varied as the injuries themselves. When the back is hurt, it’s common for patients to find relief at the office of a chiropractor in Kennesaw. However, it’s just as common for multiple health professionals to be involved. Treatment for the injuries from an auto accident, for example, may require surgeons, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more. It all depends on the types and severity levels of the specific damages suffered.

Often an outpatient rehabilitative practice is sought out when the initial treatment for an injury hasn’t brought about full relief or is taking too long to do so. A good example is whiplash, a common auto accident injury. Many sufferers start out with a collar provided by a hospital but little in the way of treatment. In order to get faster relief, they come to a chiropractor or injury clinic. Since the clinic is experienced in actually healing – instead of just “patching up” – injuries, results come much faster and are more complete.

What Types of Injuries Work Best with this Approach?

Non-emergency injuries that involve the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are very amenable to outpatient treatment by chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and similar professionals. Clinics like Discover Integrated Health can help with both old and new injuries, but it is best to make an appointment right away if possible. To let Discover Integrated Health speed your recovery from personal injury, just call us here at our Kennesaw, GA office. We give free consultations for new patients, so there’s no need to delay! Call today! (770) 423-9010.

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