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Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury: What To Expect

By June 1, 2021April 4th, 2024No Comments

Auto accidents are very common and can happen to anyone. At Discover Integrated Health, serving Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, we can treat auto accident victims. An auto accident is traumatizing both physically and emotionally. Physical injuries like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, muscle soreness, headaches and migraines, and many others can cause pain and restrict the mobility of auto accident victims. However, with chiropractic care services, we can help you recover quickly and safely, allowing you to return to your everyday life.

Here is what to expect when you first visit us after an auto accident.

Medical History

The first visit will be used to help us understand you as a patient. Our chiropractor will ask about your medical history, including the medications you are currently on and the presence of any pre-existing conditions.

Accident Details

Our chiropractor needs to know details about the accident, including when it happened, how it happened, if you were wearing a seatbelt, and more. The goal is to understand the details of the accident to diagnose your injury for a proper treatment plan.

Physical Exam

Following an auto accident injury, our chiropractor will conduct a physical exam to determine the extent of your injuries. Our chiropractor will tell you to make different movements to determine areas you are experiencing pain in and where you have restricted mobility.

Chiropractic Treatment

Depending on the diagnosis of your injury, our chiropractor will devise a treatment plan using one or a combination of our chiropractic treatments. The most common technique we use is a chiropractic adjustment. This realigns your spine to relieve nerve pressure. This technique reduces pain and inflammation, and restores your full range of motion. We also provide muscle stimulation and guided exercises, which can help your body recover and gain strength after an accident. We also offer lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling to help strengthen your body and prevent your pain from reoccurring.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

After an auto accident, it’s important to seek treatment right away so your condition does not worsen. At Discover Integrated Health, serving Marietta and Kennesaw, GA, we will provide the proper treatment for you after an accident. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today!