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When to Seek Chiropractic Care After a Personal Injury

By July 16, 2021April 4th, 2024No Comments

Personal injuries are common and can happen to anyone. These injuries could be work injuries, auto accidents, or might occur while doing daily activities. While they can range from mild to debilitating, it is always important to seek treatment for a personal injury. At Discover Integrated Health, serving Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, our chiropractor provides a wide variety of natural treatment methods for personal injuries and other ailments. Our goal is to help you return to a pain-free life.

Delayed Personal Injury Symptoms

Many times, specific muscular and spinal injuries don’t show up until weeks after the damage has occurred. Between the time the injury occurs and the moment you decide it is time to see our chiropractor, your body has gone through many stages of attempting to heal. Inflammation dies down and then flares up again in cycles, while your other muscles begin to overcompensate for your injured ones. This cycle leads to more stiffness, more pain, and loss of movement.

Many people try to do their regular duties and activities while using pain relieving medication. This might help you temporarily manage the pain, but it also cloaks the damage enough to cause further harm and inflammation to the damaged areas. These medications only treat your symptoms, not the cause of your pain. Pain medications also come with side effects and can even become addicting.

Visiting Our Chiropractor for Personal Injury Treatment

Since you may not experience symptoms right away, it is best to visit our chiropractor right after a personal injury or accident. Left untreated, personal injuries can worsen and lead to other health complications. If you seek treatment right away, our chiropractor can look for any underlying conditions and detect your injury early on. The sooner you receive treatment, the more effective it will be.

When you first visit us, our chiropractor will perform a physical exam to look for the root cause of your pain. After a diagnosis, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Depending on your injury, we can use chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, exercises, lifestyle advice, and more to treat you.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Kennesaw, GA for Personal Injury Treatment

If you are suffering from a personal injury, we can help. At Discover Integrated Health, serving Marietta and Kennesaw, GA, we provide natural, safe treatment options for personal injuries. Call us today to schedule an appointment.