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Back Pain

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Your Back Pain And How A Kennesaw Chiropractor Can Help

Why Do Kennesaw Residents Experience Back Pain?

Patients often wonder why they are experiencing back pain. While some remember a bad fall or lifting a heavy box, others find their constant nagging pain to be a complete mystery. At Discover Integrated Health, we see patients who have been involved in traumatic car accidents and slip and fall incidents at work while others suddenly wake up one morning, unable to stand straight. Drs. Gruber and Ferrari have seen every type of patient and always work hard to find ways to relieve their back pain. The more information the doctors and our compassionate support staff have from the patient at the outset, the better, but we all also welcome the challenge involved with discovering the reasons for your pain and helping to ease it at first before eliminating it completely.

The Most Common Reasons Patients Visit a Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

You may feel better knowing what a few of the possible reasons are that you need to visit a chiropractor for pain relief. Below are some reasons your chiropractor may determine are the root of your back pain:

  • Bulging Discs. You have probably heard the term “herniated disc” and somehow imagined that could never be you. Bulging discs are similar to herniated discs, but they do not protrude as far. Once it the disc begins to hit the root nerve, you will begin to feel it.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease. The discs serve as “shock absorbers” between your vertebrae. Once they wear away, you will likely begin to feel it since it is bones rubbing together.
  • Wear and Tear or Inflammation on Your Sacroiliac Joint. This joint is the point at which your pelvis and spine meet and bears a huge responsibility in allowing movement between your upper and lower body.

We are here to help you understand why you are feeling back pain, and we are eager to help. Call us and schedule an appointment today!